Our Vision

At jB3 Music, LLC, our goal is to provide music that has both vibe and vision. There is intentionality given to the lyrics such that positive messages are communicated to the masses. We believe that empowering people and appealing to the better natures of our listeners, via music, is greatly needed in these tumultuous times. As important as the message, is the vibe. At jB3 Music, LLC, the tandem mandate of positive lyrics and palatable music is a moral imperative.

Additionally, we offer Voice Over Artists and Motivational Speaking services.  These core competencies are an extension of the philosophy of the lyrics we employ in our music - POSITIVITY.

Our Story

Music has always been at the core of the individuals  who are a part of jB3 Music, LLC. Ironically, the impetus for the Label was not music. Instead, is was the insatiable desire to provide positivity to others; music is simply the transport mechanism. Recently, jB3 Music, LLC has had the opportunity to provide motivational speakers and voice over artists to the entertainment industry. The genesis of our organization and its cause are both righteous in that we measure success, not only by dollars and cents, but in how we impact the lives of others and motivate them to be great.  For this cause, jB3 Music, LLC was destined to be.